Fred C. Hertlein

General Project Superintendent

Fred Hertlein has spent his career engineering and supervising work at PKF. Mr. Hertlein has been a leader at PKF in both his Engineering and Supervisory roles. He has excelled in assignments on our largest and most technical projects. Currently, Mr. Hertlein is our General Project Superintendent on the ongoing NJDOT Route 295/42 Direct Connect Project, which is part of one of the largest construction programs ever undertaken by the NJDOT.

After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from Widener University, Mr. Hertlein immediately began his career with PKF in 1989. Having excelled in various engineering roles throughout PKF, Mr. Hertlein found his niche in assignments as Project Superintendent on such key projects as the NJDOT Route 29 Tunnel, the MWRA Secondary Clarifiers and Secondary Reactors Projects, the CCMUA Sludge Dryer Project, and most recently the NJDOT Route 295/42 Direct Connect Project.

Mr. Hertlein was named to our Executive Committee in 2013.