#274 | NJT Portal Bridge GC-01

Secaucus, NJ


NJ Transit


Portal Partners



NJ Transit issued GC-01, Construction of Temporary Fiber Optic Poles, Construction Access Finger Pier, and 138KV Monopoles, Utility Protection Structure, Retaining Wall E to complete preparatory work for the main Portal Bridge replacement contract. The replacement of the existing Portal Bridge with a higher structure which does not open for barge traffic has been discussed on the national stage for several years. GC-01 completes preparatory work to facilitate a quick start to that contract.

GC-01 Includes:

- The installation of driven pile across marsh lands for future temporary utility relocation

- The construction of a pier in the Hackensack river to be used for future construction activities

- The installation of two ea 200' tall electrical transmission monopoles and the removal of one existing monopole. These are constructed on drilled shaft foundations of up to 12' in diameter and 100' deep

- The replacement of a small bridge spanning an existing 36" water transmission main

- Construction of Retaining Wall "E" by use of drilled shafts and precast lagging and filled light cellular concrete

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