#208 | Driscoll Bridge Widening

Sayreville, NJ


New Jersey Highway Authority (NJHA)


Frederic R. Harris, Inc./URS Greiner (JV Design)



The NJHA contracted PKF to construct the Garden State Parkway Driscoll Bridge, over the Raritan River. The nearly one mile-long bridge included seven lanes and a shoulder on each side, and a peak height above water level of 155 feet. Included were a combination of on-land and on-water 6’ diameter by up to 120’ deep drilled shafts.  PKF completed the drilling with a pile top reverse circulation drill. Casing for the shafts was installed utilizing a casing oscillator. The work in general was accessed via PKF-installed trestle and barge-mounted cranes.

As bridge construction progressed, PKF was also awarded and successfully constructed the contiguous $20M Driscoll Bridge Approaches Project (PKF #209).

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